Slumber Parties Teach Important Life Lessons for Kids

Call them what you will: sleepovers, slumber parties, pajama parties — these overnight

gatherings you play host to can help teach your child invaluable skills. That’s why many

sleep and childcare experts, in addition to parents, promote occasional sleepovers as

being beneficial for kids.

Here’s why:

1. Exposes them to new experiences: A sleepover is a great way for children to see how

other families live in terms of food, culture and traditions — all of which serves to

broaden their horizons and understanding. It also helps them get used to adapting to

different situations.

2. It helps build independence: Parents should help facilitate a degree of independence

in their children that will enable them to manage on their own for short stretches of

time. Sleepovers are a good way of achieving this in a safe and controlled environment.

3. Children get to make and strengthen relationships: Sleepovers are a terrific bonding

exercise for children. There's something about a home environment and the excitement

of a nighttime spent together that makes this bonding more intimate.

4. It aids social advocacy and communication skills: Without you there to rely on,

children are forced into doing more things for themselves – whether that's asking for a

drink or just figuring out where the bathroom is. This, agree experts, can be an

important step in personal development.

5. Children learn how to behave in someone else's home: Every household has its own

rules and expectations – and sleepovers give youngsters an opportunity to learn that

social boundaries can be different, and how to adapt to those. It's all good practice for

operating in the real world.

6. It gives you a break: There's no doubt that children bring joy and happiness beyond

measure. But by taking a break from your kids once in a while, you get to take care of

yourself and recharge your batteries — ultimately making you a better parent.

Al Sleepy Teepee creates magical slumber parties or celebration experiences for

children of all ages. Choose from our list of themes, we set up the party, take it down

the following day and do the laundry!  Leave the party planning and cleanup to us.  For

more information, give us a call today.

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