The Theme’s Just the Thing for Your Child’s Slumber Party

Slumber parties are a right of passage for children of all ages, something they’ll remember for many years to come. But these days, slumber parties are taking on a whole new twist — with creative themes and services that will add to the ambience and the fun for them, and little to no work for you as parents!

If you choose to go with a theme slumber party for your child, take these considerations into account:

Make it obvious: Your child and his or her friends should easily recognize the theme when they see it. If it’s too obscure and they have to ask what the theme is, you’ve missed the mark.

Think mood and style: Does your child like action heroes, technology, nature, music? Colors go a long way in setting the mood as well. Think about what colors your child is drawn to and arrange an atmosphere that reflects them!

Plan on activities: In this connected age, one thing we recommend is making sure the children turn off their mobile phones and tablets. This will ensure that the party is actually interactive and that the guests stay in the moment. You may want to show a favorite movie, play interactive games, have a dance party, etc.

Don’t forget the fun food: Pizza is the obvious choice, but a more interactive option is DIY pizzas. Bases can be made or bought and then each guest can choose from a variety of different toppings to make their own ideal pizza. Another surefire hit is a chocolate fountain. Serve bowls of cut-up fruit and marshmallows and allow the indulgence to begin!

Al Sleepy Teepee creates magical slumber parties or celebration experiences for children of all ages. Choose from our list of themes, we set up the party, take it down the following day and do the laundry! Leave the party planning and cleanup to us. For more information, give us a call today.

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